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5 Must-Have Features for Restaurant POS System to Experience Business Success

26 Jun

5 Must-Have Features for Restaurant POS System to Experience Business Success

Restaurants come in so many diversifications, and each one of them has its own set of needs. This whole scenario can make researching for an efficient POS system mind-numbing, and the actual purchase decision even harder. And when it comes to select the perfectly designed restaurant POS system, it’s surely a daunting task where the restaurateurs are obliged to make a smart decision.

However, picking the ideal POS for restaurant can help untap streams of revenue that you had not been able to reach before, the ultimate solution can also help you increase footfall in your restaurant. On the other hand, if you will choose the wrong POS solution, then most probably, you have to work around it until you switch to the better point of sale system.

For all the good reasons, there are tons of features that every restaurateur—from quick tableside service all the way to fine dining—should look for while choosing restaurant POS software. So, without a much, scroll down to unveil features of restaurant POS that can literally make your profits jump high while allowing your employees to work smartly and efficiently.

Table Service Management & Reservations

A brilliantly programmed POS for bars, cafes, and restaurants are equipped with built-in table management and an option to manage customers’ reservations.

Table Service Management & Reservations Pos System

while doing table seating at your restaurant, you will obviously crave for the feature to keep operations aligned. Table service management is also essential for managing your front of house operations. And it will let you know the status of your tables at any given time. For example: which tables are available, occupied, or being cleared at what time.

A smart restaurant POS solution should also tie into a reservation system, so you can quickly update your table status on the basis of customer’s reservations. This integration creates a seamless experience for managing your seating appointments and tables.

A Quick Tip: While having software demo, don’t forget to ask the trainer that how the seating and reservations arrangement can be done and tell them to explain and show the specific feature in detail.

Every restaurant POS software doesn’t have built-in feature for reservations, so you may have to use a 3rd party software for keeping reservations process on point. Thus, it’s best to search and have the POS solution that already have all the features that your business will need.

Quality Reporting and Analytics

Quality Reporting and Analytics Pos System

Having valuable reporting is a no-brainer, but your foremost choice in a POS system. A complete POS system should facilitate you with reports that are need to run your business successfully.

Accurate numbers can give you a crystal-clear picture of your sales by departments, hour, items and much more. These detailed reports can help you big in making profitable decisions.

These analytics and reports are your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. Each and every restaurant, now or then, must need reports like sales by time, item, and department, inventory reports, and others. And once you get the POS that serve you with all the reports and analytics, go for it to have detailed insights of your business anytime.

Most systems have the pre-built KPI reports within the software, but with growing business needs you might require more detailed reports in upcoming future. So, it’s better to pick the system that allows you to get custom reports or 3rd party integrations for more granular or specific reporting information.

Don’t forget to make sure having a POS solution that allows users to have auditing reports too. You will be in need of them to keep solid track of your taxes and sales, and to keep your auditor happy.

Speedy Interface & Quick Checkout

Speedy Interface & Quick Checkout Pos System

 The restaurant business is one that requires speed. This includes everything from fire times to feet to hands to decision making.

No matter how yum the food is, you can’t win customers with just delicious food until or unless you have impeccable customer service too. If you have one without the other, chances are that your patrons will be disappointed. Thus, you have to make sure that the clock starts as soon as the customer steps in while ensuring all your processes are fast with a seamless flow from one workstation to another.

With no doubts, one of the most eminent features of a cafe or restaurant POS is to have speed. When you get busy on a weekend night, you simply can’t afford to have a system that lags. Many of the POS systems stay dependent on your internet bandwidth speed. In result, when you have slow internet, your POS will automatically get slow too. Thus, it’s better to go for the Cloud-Based POS that works offline too such as CIS Restaurant POS Solution and others.

However, an unhurried system can be troublesome for managers, waiters, or cooks. The notion of speed in a restaurant POS extends to an intuitive layout, easy-to-use interface, and fast hardware as well. In this fast-paced business, a few seconds here or there can make a huge impact—good or bad—on the food, services, drinks, and ultimately the profitability of an establishment.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Pos System

Just ask about inventory control management to a restaurant owner or manager and they will give an instant reaction – for most, it is one huge dread. However, those who have been effectively using proper inventory reporting and control, they will signify that this is how they make money.

Some may disagree to the fact that inventory control management is a must to have feature in restaurant POS Solution. The reason is, they believe keeping inventory is the bane of existence for restaurateurs. But these restaurant owners or managers will also need to have inventory management once they want to stay aware of how much their food costs and what are the profit margins, how much food they have in hand, and other factors.

Mostly, quality POS solutions have some inventory control built-in to the software. Thus, there can be no excuse for not using inventory management. It is as simple to conduct as deducting count from your inventory numbers while making a sale.

In case, if you need or want to get granular, don’t be worried because with inventory management you can get the perfectly defined figures too. Most systems have integrations or you can even get POS system customized to keep track of your products using more powerful stock platforms.

The bottom line is: While choosing a POS system, make sure that it has built-in inventory management feature or has option to get integrated with a system that performs inventory control functions appropriately.

Customer Database

Customer Database Pos System

Whether, you are running a café, or fine-dining restaurant, keeping customers data properly managed is beneficial.

Building a customer database with loyal patrons has great power that can make or break your business. While choosing a POS system, make sure there’s a loyalty system within the software that can keep track of customer’s purchases and their preferred products.

This customer data management feature will enable you to run marketing campaigns and techniques in the right direction. When you have detailed data of customers, it will be easier to get in touch with them. Especially, when you are offering discounts on a specific range of items, it will be convenient to extract customer data to target the right audience rather than roaming around while sending random marketing messages and emails. In this way, you can send personalized emails to loyal consumers for special promotions.

Communication with your customers can remain hassle-free once you have POS solution that will let you keep customer data save and secure.


In the end, every restaurateur wants a quality POS system that fits their business needs flawlessly. So, before finalizing POS system for your business, take time to consider must-have features for the smart restaurant POS and then give CIS Software House a call or send us message on our website chat for a demonstration.

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