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16 Oct

How Point of Sales System (POS) can improve Retail Marketing

Getting Started: Point of sales (POS) systems are the most used facility in retail businesses these days, the people with fresh start-ups, franchise-based systems, restaurants & now even multiplex theatres are also using POS systems for the effective growth in their business. Now let us learn something about retail marketing. in RM, the merchandisers use […]

10 Oct

Challenges Faced During The Change in Retail Management System & how to Overcome Them

Retail management system have become an integral part of all the retail businesses around the world. It is mainly a software/hardware-based system with access to all possible internet services. It helps in encashment and billing services. People use this utility in their payment methods to make it more accurate and easier to go. Previously retail […]

30 May

6 Important Parts of POS Cash Register!

Not one or two, there are numbers of POS solutions available in the market. Although there are various advantages of having many options available in the market but trust me it has made the selection of the POS for a business most difficult. Other than standard features, different POS solutions are offering multiple additional features. […]

21 May

5 Most Common yet Important Modules of ERP Software!

First, let just discuss ERP and its purpose! ERP is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Management that connects businesses with technology. These systems have become one of the most important and compulsory for the operating businesses mainly because of the below-discussed reasons in the picture. Figure 1: Reasons for Implementing ERP (Source: Panorama’s 2017 ERP […]

08 May

Which 6 POS features are in demand today?

With experience, the existing businesses have understood that POS is not a onetime investment thing. Instead, it requires constant updates and changes. Do you know why? This is because technology is demanded by the customers and businesses are forced by them to keep investing. Understanding this issue, smart IT firms have instantly analyzed this gap […]


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