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Intelligent Ways for Sweet Shop and Bakery Retailers to Increase Sales

07 Dec

Intelligent Ways for Sweet Shop and Bakery Retailers to Increase Sales

As Christmas is around the corner, its perfect time for bakery and sweet shop retailers to work on ideas that can, literally, boost their sales.

Especially in the Middle East, we can’t imagine any festival without sweets and bakery items. Whether, we need refreshments to serve among guests or buy sweets when visiting relatives and friends, great food play a big role to make our celebrations even sweeter.

However, if you are looking for ways to bring in more money and attract more clients to your bakery business, you are in the right place! As we have decided to share valuable retail store management tips that would help you manage your customers while maximizing profits.

Mark Your Presence Digitally

Going digital will not cost you anything but will help people to find your business located nearby. For doing this, you don’t need to do any science, only register yourself at Google my business account which is completely free. This will help people to find your shop online within seconds and they will reach you easily.

If you want to go step forward, then you can also have an option to list your products along the pricing or mention your discounts and other promotional offers to customers. And this is the right way to find potential customers.

Plan Your Production

Planning before the event is always a plus. By pre-planning your production and inventory can make you win great profits as well as well maintained inventory to entertain customers on time. Whether you own a bakery or a sweet shop, the fact is: on occasions, you will have a great number of customers asking for the special food items that you sell. And pre-planned production will make you serve your customers with their much-desired food options.

With pre-planned production, you can easily track your ingredients and reduce the wastage in turn while raising the profits-bar higher. Especially, when it’s a festive season, you need to work smarter by stocking up effectively to meet the customers’ demands. Thus, planning your production accordingly can only benefit you and your business.

Regular Offers

Providing offers to your customers using online and offline channels can make you earn loads of new customers. By making your presence prominent on both the channels, can make people aware of your shop, special offers, and tempting food items.

Usually, when the festive season is around, every retailer starts attracting customers by designing some amazing discounts offers. But, while making these offers, make sure that none of the offers are fake and they aren’t just designed to grab customers’ attention. Otherwise, you will lose potential customers. Thus, only offer the discounts and deals that you can manage and have enough resources & technology to entertain your customers perfectly.

Reduce wait time of the customers

After planning your production and offers, the next step is to make use of the technology. And when it comes to technology, a smart POS System can play a vital role. We have seen businesses going great when it comes to pre-planning the production and offers but unfortunately fails when they can’t handle customers at the cash counter. Thus, having an efficient POS system at retail is important to have. Otherwise, customers might get offended and they don’t only go from your shop without buying anything but they will also pass a negative word about your shops among their friends and relatives.

Showcase the most great-looking & profitable items in the front

If you own bakery or a sweet shop that make the variety of food items that are unusual or not easy to find, then you can try the trick of showcasing your special items on the front. This will not only help you to upsell your products but will also help you in marketing your product and make people aware of the items that you offer.

Feature different portion sizes

In the restaurant industry, offering non-standard or smaller portion sizes is an excellent way to make more money from your existing customers and bring in new customers.

Arguably, the snacking and serving of smaller portions trend is growing steadily, thus bakeries and sweet shops are set to play a huge role (or should I say roll—got it?). So, it’s a better option to focus on creating a variety of food portions to excite customers enough that they can’t resist buying your products.

A great percentage of pie and cake buyers say that it is more tempting to purchase individual portion sizes, and some say that mini or bite-sized versions encourage them enough to spend money on the products. This is how people can serve a great variety of food among guests at the most affordable price. And this technique also provides consumers with built-in portion control, which is a greatly growing trend.

Now, for baking businesses, the bite-sized desserts are a “must-have.” And this ongoing trend is getting even famous because most people do not want to commit to one dessert, thus, the bite-sized desserts allow them to have variety and new kind of desserts without splurging a lot.

Are you ready to make most out of coming festive season?

For all bakery and sweet shops, it’s really the high-time where you can focus on experimenting with the variety of ideas to sky-rocket your sales this Christmas. Decorate your retail outlet with much enthusiasm; this will also help you attain the attention of people who are just passing by your store.

Hope, this Christmas will be great for you in many ways. Happy Christmas in advance!!

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