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Electronic Loading Point also known as TTS (Trolly Tracking System): Brief Introduction Problem faced currently by the Sugar industry is that growers and transporters bring the cane from a shorter distance and claim that they have brought it from longer distance. Hence they claim more TPT, Subsidy and this ultimately results for a loss for factory.

E-Survey (Electronic Survey): Problem faced currently by the Sugar industry is that the cane department staff generally does not visit the grower's field and fill up the growers data survey form in their own office. Hence the management does not get the actual survey figures.Loans are sanctioned on the basis of the survey provided by the field staff; if the data provided by the field staff is not accurate then proper loaning cannot be done.

Organizations with good management and governance monitor proactively. Yet, despite their efforts, some organizations fail to monitor effectively either because they are not watching on right time, right resource, the reporting is not accurate, or the right people are not receiving in-time/complete reports.