CIS Solutions is a family of integrated software applications combined with, implementation, integration, support and training services to help your company create a flexible, scalable, and reliable output management environment for the entire enterprise. We serve from strategy consulting to software solutions and implementing project development plans for our customers. Having excellent domain competencies in verticals such as Automotive, Sugar, & Retail Industries makes us the leader in the respective market.
Our Products Key benefits:

  • Reliability

  • Efficiency

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Customer Support

Here's a look at our products:

CIS ERP - Web Based Solution



Enterprise Resource Planning System: CIS ERP System is a software solution which addresses the information needs of the organization by integrating relevant functions of an enterprise. CIS Enterprise Resource Planning is what your business needs.CIS ERP system enables companies to optimize business processes and analyze capabilities for improved speed and efficiency.

CIS ERP with Sugar Cane Module

Cane ERP

A comprehensive ERP Solution has been developed with our experience of 18 years in the Sugar Industry. Keeping in mind the entire processing cycle of a Sugar Industry Starting from Crop Survey, Issuing Indent to Growers, Online Weighment, Payment Process, Laboratory Management and completely integrated with Inventory Management and Financial System.

CIS ERP With Auto Industry Module

Auto ERP

CHALLANGES IN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: Mass Production is using moving assembly lines. - Quality Control - High level automation in production. - Complex bill of order - Highly competitive. - Manage large number of component suppliers. - Control component inventory - Inventory Valuation - Department Wise Consumption - Integration with Accounts Module



CIS-HRMS is a human resources management system (HRMS) for small to mid-sized organizations. The software builds on the latest technologies from Microsoft for easy integration with the tools HR departments use on a day-to-day basis. CIS-HRM offers a fully integrated and centralized HR system that promotes connectivity, communication and control throughout an organization.

Business Application



CIS-BBMIS enhances patient safety in blood supply chain. Donors, blood products or blood bank, CIS-BBMIS can help you and your patients.

Retail Application

Restaurant Module

Restaurant Module

Ideal POS Solution for Table Service & Quick Service Restaurant: CIS Restaurants Point Of Sale is customized and low cost, feature rich and easy to use total restaurant management software for table service and quick service restaurants. CIS Restaurants Point Of Sale is replacement of cash book as they are ROM base machine.CIS Restaurants Point Of Sale contains the feature set to support any restaurant environments.

Apparel Module

CIS Apparel

CIS Retail POS Apparel: Retailers in the Specialty Apparel Retail face an arduous challenge to keep pace with competition they face from the larger mass market retail counterparts who offer wider selection options and extremely competitive prices. The challenge is compounded by the pressure to increase revenue from the existing stores and the available in-store infrastructure be it store design & layout or the Information System, A Retail Management Software for Apparel Retail is a must have.

Books Distributor

Books Distributor

CIS Retail POS Book Stores: Large chains can provide broader selections and lower prices. Smaller and independent book stores compete by offering specialized book selections catering to a particular customer type. With buying over the Internet and e-book readers gaining popularity an independent book store is faced with the challenge to not only increase revenue from the existing book stores, but to also retain the customer base.

Meat Shops

Meat Shops

CIS Retail POS Meat Store: We specialize in complete pos Software to meet the needs of your Meat Market. Our Meat Market pos software work as fast as your staff and are easy to operate and manage. Follow our easy-to-use system to customize our Meat Market POS Software solutions to fit the exact needs of your busy Shop!

Lite Version

Retail Lite

In any business today, integration is an important fact. The ability to combine all of your procedures so that they seem to be one complete seamless operation is the highest form of efficiency. This is possible with point-of-sale software and technology, by networking every process of your business to the main access terminal.

Corporate Version

Retail Corporate

CIS Retail Corporate: CIS Retail is one of the finest software which offers great Point Of Sale Billing system integrated with excellent accounting and inventory management. Powerful POS, Accounts and Inventory features like comprehensive Goods Receive Note, Multiple Tender Option, Packing Slip Counters, Loyalty Solutions, Automated Bank Reconcilliation and much more.

CIS Super Mart Module

Retail Corporate

CIS Super Mart Module: CIS Retail POS Departmental Store seamlessly integrates all business processes from the POS at store to the retail software planners at the Head Office lowering the overall cost of operations, simplifying expansion and enabling the Departmental Store Company maintain his unique proposition and positioning.

Mobile Applications

ELP - Vehicle Tracking System

ELP  - Vehicle Tracking System

Electronic Loading Point also known as TTS (Trolly Tracking System): Brief Introduction Problem faced currently by the Sugar industry is that growers and transporters bring the cane from a shorter distance and claim that they have brought it from longer distance. Hence they claim more TPT, Subsidy and this ultimately results for a loss for factory.

Esurvey - GPS Coordinate Based Area Calculation

Esurvey - GPS Coordinate Based Area Calculation

E-Survey (Electronic Survey): Problem faced currently by the Sugar industry is that the cane department staff generally does not visit the grower's field and fill up the growers data survey form in their own office. Hence the management does not get the actual survey figures.Loans are sanctioned on the basis of the survey provided by the field staff; if the data provided by the field staff is not accurate then proper loaning cannot be done.

CIS E-Salesman


E-Salesman application is developed to assist sales representative to take orders from the outlets/shops etc. A sales man also visit different areas and capture new leads in the application moreover the salesman can also record different expenses on the move.



Organizations with good management and governance monitor proactively. Yet, despite their efforts, some organizations fail to monitor effectively either because they are not watching on right time, right resource, the reporting is not accurate, or the right people are not receiving in-time/complete reports.

Third Party Product Implementation

Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9

Designed for unmatched speed, power, scale ability and reliability Designed for unmatched speed, power, scale ability and reliability Powered by tallys path-breaking propriety technology Mulate (Concurrent Multilingual Accelerated Technology Engine) - Tally is the result of a perfect fusion b/w the concurrent Multi-lingual platform and object oriented database engine.