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For 6 Reasons You Should Not Choose Freelance Software Developer

12 Mar

For 6 Reasons You Should Not Choose Freelance Software Developer

Freelancing is the new trend as research shows that 34% of the workforces worldwide are freelancers. It is important to discuss the key offerings of freelancing that has made it competitive and considerable by the business owners. Freelancing has made it easy to search the exact skills and experience while digitalization has reduced existing geographical barriers. Other than this reason, both individuals and companies have supported freelancers in the past mainly because they offer software development services in reduced costs. There are also different portals available for helping freelancers connecting with the clients.

Despite having this progress, it is still suggested to the business owners to choose software house over freelance software developers. The justification is presented below:

  1. Multi Experienced with no Expertise

In freelancing, every client has different customizations and expectations from the system while they can only bound the software developer for a limited time period. Therefore, these freelance developers have diversified experience with no expertise in any specific area. In this era of specialization, this practice limits the dependency of the customers on the freelancers. Let discuss it with an example, software development requires developers to have an in-depth understanding of all the organizational departments and their workflows. While freelancing is the one-man show that aims to fulfill the position of various jobs including project manager, sales manager, team leader, software developer, QA Engineer, and support officer.

Do you think that a freelancer can compensate for the responsibilities of all these positions? I don’t. Above all, the freelancers are also playing the role of sales executive. This distributed concentration of the freelancers not only affects the efficiency of the development process but also builds frustration. Whereas, it is not humanly possible to have multiple expertise and to replace these positions for which software houses are bearing high costs. In reality, having expertise in even one above stated area requires years of experience and training then how can a person become expert in multiple professions?  And can a freelancer compete with the productivity levels of a software house? Be logical before answering these questions! Even simple POS software requires different expertise to understand and deliver as per the specific requirements.

  1. Freelancers Completely Disappear due to lack of Professionalism

Freelancers do not make any investments instead they only earn in return of their provided services. On the other hand, companies build their brand name and invest to gain customer trust. This develops a lack of professionalism in freelancers as research has found the financial losses caused to the clients by freelancers that have disappeared in the middle of the project. Most of them usually find it difficult to finish the stated project either because of limited experience or have no team support that leads them to disappear completely. The other reason for freelancers to disappear is their involvement in multiple projects without having any resource and capacity. These unpredictable behaviors of freelancers make them unprofessional as compared to software companies.

In response to the increasing freelancing trend, some of the countries like UAE are working on related regulations. But still, you cannot expect professionalism from a freelance developer who is developing a fully customized restaurant POS on which he/she has never worked on before. They still can be disappeared because of limited understating and no expertise. However, software houses also experience similar situations where the developers do get stuck while working in something new. But they remain professional by investing in a team of people with related expertise and experience. Moreover, their experience in working with industry operators and developed clientele reflects professionalism in their approach.

  1. Lack of accountability

Do you know software houses are more accountable than freelance software developers? Although getting registered, having a brand name and investing in a team is not the only measure of accountability but these are the efforts made by a company to sustain in the market that increases their accountability of the work. Whereas, freelancers do not follow the standards of closing software development deal instead they over commit without even understanding the expectations of the client. The unclear and unlocked scope of the project makes it difficult for the freelancers to handle the pressure and they end the blaming the client.

As a client, you cannot fully control a freelancer as there are no legal terms involved in freelancing contracts. That is why; you cannot take any legal actions against freelancers instead it usually becomes difficult to even recover the initial payments. Comparatively, companies are legally as well as socially bound to remain accountable for their services. Let me clear one thing here! Either you choose a freelancer or company for developing fully customized POS software; there will be unpredicted issues and bugs. But the difference will be that companies have experienced resources to cope-up with the difficulties while remaining in the expected budgets. But the freelancers usually don’t plan this phase and starts panicking when they don’t find any solution. And understand that returning the money cannot be considered as a gesture of taking accountability. Freelancers do not recognize neither owns loss of effort, time and resources caused to the client because of their capabilities. This is not something freelancers do but the situation usually goes out of their hand that causes their lack of accountability behavior.

  1. Work Quality is not Guaranteed

There are some freelance software developers with proven experience and work record but we cannot ignore the fact that the majority of the freelancers belong to low-income countries. This is considered an advantage by freelancers because it helps them in attracting clients by offering low rates. And how can cost not affect the quality? You cannot expect from a developer to build fully customized and integrated POS software in high quality for $50 whereas it’s market value is $1000. In contrast, software companies usually have sample work of a similar database or demos that can help the clients developing the expectations regarding work quality.

Therefore, as a customer of freelance software developer, you might find a huge difference between your expected and delivered quality of the software. Along with this reason, this trend of freelancing has not been accepted by renowned and large enterprises because it cannot be relied upon or trusted on quality. Even small retail stores and restaurants are trusting these freelancers because the software houses have started a trend of developing industry-specific POS system and selling it to all related businesses at comparatively lower prices. This not only keeps those clients competitive but makes the software highly mature and bugs free.

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